Knitting together delicious brand experiences.

We're Thread, an independent full service branding agency with a global reach (and a sweet tooth for Asia). From strategy to execution, we strive to bring value to you and your audience.

That said, here are a few things we've stitched together...

Supporting ALDI's journey entering China with marcom and brand guardianship

Far away from home, the Global Retailer honed in on consumers’ needs and wants to deliver a fully localized experience. Bold move!  

Taking HOMESLICE PIZZA to the next level Brand overhaul from strategy to guidelines

A short story of how we took an existing brand and gave it a new core message: New York Attitude.

Meet Ben Weldon, our Founder & Creative Director

Good design is like growing cherries, the very last thing to grow, is the cherry.

Meet Justine Lefebvre,
our Managing Partner

The best communication tools are those that work for you and your objectives, not the other way around.


Boxing Cat needed something irreverent and eye catching that communicated:
‘I’m so busy I am going mad’


Meet 刘泓 Eva Liu
our Associate Creative Director

Eva Liu

Design is not restricted to one element or dimension, design is finding a clean space in the mess!


Coming into China at a time when the market competition is fiercer than ever, how might they take the pole position of home consumer coffee products? Curious?


Find a unique position in a crowded market.

We are NOT looking to be the most authentic Pho from Vietnam, we’re the BEST Pho available taking the finest elements from around the world.

Pho specialist with attention to details for quality.


The rise of the unspiritual Machines, chatgpt and midjourney

This week has undoubtedly been my heaviest usage of AI. Primarily chatGPT and MidJourney. I’ve written and illustrated children’s books. I’ve made 1980’s mail order catalogues, produced a gangster rap about getting a job in a bank, and have been given nightmares by combining Victorian dolls and fast food. Reading, researching and playing and I’ve come to a rather chilling conclusion.

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The 2022 project highlights

As we all need a little distraction and fresh inspiration, we’re sharing with you three new case studies we’ve been particularly invested in this year. If any of the intros below leaves you wanting for more, you’ll be able to find more in depth versions with their fair shares of pictures and process details on our website as well.

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Where are they now!

What happened in the year of the Ox, who found success, and who won some awards?! We’re going to look at how our favourite brands

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Element Fresh Menu 2021

Launching the new Element Fresh menu

Over the past few months, we’ve been working side by side with Element Fresh on their rebranding project, which includes the roll-out of their all-new menu. We are thrilled to see the project come to life.

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