Is it possible and meanwhile pleasant to live with others in a ‘share house’?

The world famous Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma (隈研吾) aims to answer this question in his architectural works. In fact, in the pre-industrialized society, one would like to open his/her own house to other people; it was in the 20th century that the suburb houses became to burgeon in the USA and other mega cities. Afterwards, people work so hard only to buy a ‘castle’ for family. Yet, this kind of ‘castle’ leaves no room/particles for others to enter, physically, mentally and economically.

Therefore, people live unhealthily in their own ‘castles’.

How to design ‘particles’ between buildings? This is what Kengo Kuma tries so hard to figure out and then apply to his works. Using stones, woods and bamboos as building materials is one of his ways to make ‘particles’ and the so called ‘freedom’ back to modern buildings.

This time, you can see Kengo Kuma’s works in two venues. In Zendai Contemporary Art Space where 9 pieces of his architecture models and relevant videos will be showed; in Shanghai Himalayas Museum, you can exactly know what the ‘particle’ is and how to preserve ‘individual space’ in a share house from a two-stored high 1:1 model.

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