Catering industry branding expert, Thread Design, now expands its business into Nanjing. Vie Chat (威雀), original name as Wecheers, was estabilised in 1995 and once to be one of the leading fashionable Western restaurants at that time. The client intended to re-brand this restaurant yet with keeping some elements of old brand, and they came to visit us for the strategic and creative branding soloutions. Cooperated with one top interior design company, Red Design, we embarked on this challenging journey.

This project fully shows how unique our approach is in terms of branding. We started understanding the client’s needs and expectations as well as conducting the competitors analysis in Nanjing in order to find out their key differentiators. With this solid researh outcome in mind, we devise CVP and the brand core for them. In such a busy world, we wish Ve Chat to be a place that inspires young people to be able to enjoy and treasure the present with the beloved ones by reminding them of the old way of interacting with others.

Based upon this strategy, we started English naming, brand story, slogans and creative work. Several internal workshops were conducted in our office, and all the Threadsters contributed their talents and creativity. The idea of scrapbooks becomes the creative basis for all the visual work, including moodboard, Visual identity, VI applications, the guideline book and the website. Our branding and visual works were also become the creative inspirations for Red Design.

The accomplishment of this project is terrific. We bring the modern and cosy atmosphere to Vie Chat to successfully transform them into one of the trendy Western restaurants in Nanjing.