11 lessons for getting more work for less money from your agency!

After spending five years working in UK agencies and 15 years running my own in China, I’ve seen how some clients get amazing deals, how others waste budgets and agencies take advantage.  I’ve pitched with many partners and against countless competitors, I know their tricks and shortcomings too.  As clients are cutting budgets, yet need […]

 Shanghai’s F&B – What’s the secret sauce?

 Since we’ve all had to stop and catch our breath, I’d like to reflect on a few of the non virus battles. Who’s restaurant survived the last decade? And of those who will survive the virus? Not many, not many at all. Having worked on hundreds of restaurant brands over the years, I’m always staggered […]

Our Surreal Christmas Cards History

2019Cyberpunk 2077 2018The Diner 2017Jurassic Jones 2016Disney Princesses! 2015The Box Set 2014Shanghai Gangsters 2013Ralph Lauren 2012Penguins? 2011Choir Christmas 2010Classic Christmas This is the one that started it all! I think we spent about an hour on it…  and it’s got bigger ever since!

Behind Thread Scenes with Justine Lefebvre, Managing Partner

  As part of our Behind Thread Scenes series, we’re sitting down with Justine, Managing Partner, to chat about what it’s like managing an agency, how times have changed in China and what it means to be a leader. If you ever want to swing by the office and get to know her or any […]

The latest addition on our office walls

  Our version of team building? A weekend of fear-conquering, points-based challenges, all wrapped up with a themed costume BBQ cook off! Lucky for us, it was all set behind sunshine and warm weather in lush Moganshan.     Fear conquering on a 22 meter wall No one told us it was already 40 meters […]

Behind Thread Scenes with Adam, Strategy Director & Partner

  At Thread, we believe that it’s the people that you “work” with (both colleagues and clients) and the challenges you take on that make “work” exciting and worthwhile. We’ve put work in quotes because we also believe that if it feels like work, then you’re doing it wrong. There is a purpose to all […]

When is it time to refocus, revise or rebrand?

Thread Newsletter – June Edition We’re hitting the half way mark in 2019, usually around this time those who’ve made new years resolutions and then fell off the wagon are wondering if they can kick start them again or make it more realistic. To them we say, good luck! Don’t feel so bad though, sometimes […]

Three unexpected areas where branding agencies help with market entry

By: Adam Thurland, Partner and Strategy Director   I recently discovered that my iphone could be used as a magnifying glass by changing a couple of settings, it got me thinking, I’ve spent all this money, what other benefits does it have. As a stakeholder in a company that is looking to enter China, you […]