A Visual Identity for Google

How might we create a brand experience for Google employees in China to encourage interaction at meal times

We like to think we have a great reputation for food & beverage, and being asked by Google to create a brand experience for their employees is the pat on the back we proudly accepted! 
Steam’d is a place where Googlers can come together and geek out over noodle and broth combinations, indeed there are some many options available we created an algorithm that would allow the team to order with just a string of digits. The best thing about Steam’d is it’s free, unfortunately you have to work at Google to eat there!



Steam'd, a place where Googlers can come together


Cooking up the ideas!

The science tells us noodles are a great source of power for the human body, sense tells us noodles are delicious. We wanted to build something unique, a set of options and processes that are a combination of sense and science. 



...bringing them to life

Wall Graphic

Shanghai Office


Shanghai Office


Shanghai Office

Wall Graphic

Beijing Office

How does our noodle machine work you ask? 


Google Beijing

We’d love to be able to create a project like Google Steam’d Cafe with your company. If you’d like us to be part of your team, and create something incredible, get in touch.